SantiWise is a company with a mission! Dedicated to a quality hand sanitizer, handcraft soap bars and related products like our Aloe & Jojoba Creme that has anti-aging properties. Our sanitizer is a quality gel that will give you security in knowing that 99.9% of bacteria is eliminated. Our soap products are crafted by  quality, sustainable ingredients. 

Made in the USA

SantiWise is made in the USA.


  • The Perfect 2020 Gift: Sanitizer

    This year, more than ever, give a gift you feel proud of. It’s going to be one unusual winter, following a year we never saw coming. Some of us are lucky enough to enjoy the holidays with family or friends, while others are dealing with the limitations of a Covid-19 Christmas.
  • Welcome to Our World

     For most of us reading this, Covid-19 has been a time of adaptation and patience. Taking a parallel turn from traveling numerous hours each day, ...